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Hi kids Tooth Fairy here, I need your help! Purchase a book today so I can send you your very own custom made Tooth Fairy Treasure Box and the story book The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box. After you read this amazing story about a child named Jordan and how she helped me keep her tooth safe and sound, you too can join in with me! I will be flying fast to take your tooth to Tooth Fairy Land where you and I can help save as many children’s lives as we possibly can.
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Where we aim to raise awareness for parents and children alike to save their children’s teeth for stem cells, by preventing and healing many diseases and cancers we face today!

the heart of the family

Introducing to you a new adventure for the family, a solution to fix the problems parents experience when it comes to the Tooth Fairy tradition.

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More exciting things to do after learning this new tradition. Fun activities, coloring book, post cards, and stickers for you child to enjoy!

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We are in the works of creating a boy version of the book! Our little girls love the unicorn so now we are creating a dragon for the boys! Or vice versa! Which ever little Tooth Fairy furry friends your kids favor, now they will soon have two different options to choose from!


The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box book is 8.5×11 in size and the treasure box is 3×2 inches. An adorable size for your little one.

Step 1

When your tooth falls out clean it up!

Step 2

Place your tooth in your special treasure box!

Step 3

Place your treasure box in the kitchen or living room  were the Tooth Fairy can easily find it!

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We take pride in getting shipments out in a timely manner. Yes we are a one shop from home, but we will be sure to meet the needs of ever individual customer. If you have any  issue feel free to call us or leave a message. Though I’m sure you will love your product, returns due to dissatisfaction need to be in a timely manner of purchase or proof the product is in good condition. Thank You for your understanding!

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 the Autor

Ginny Jordan

First-time author Ginny Jordan, is a small-town Texas girl with a big heart. Life for a hairdresser and single mother of three can get hectic, and things can slip through the cracks. When Ginny’s daughter was crushed to find her mother retrieving the tooth under her pillow that had been left for the Tooth Fairy, Ginny was as devastated as her daughter. Ginny never wants that to happen to her child or any child ever again! The Tooth Fairy Book and Treasure Chest will assure that every child has a magical experience with the Tooth Fairy!

 One warm summer day while out in the park with my children, I was appreciating the incredible beauty of nature.  It felt like a magical time for us together.   My joy on this occasion made me recall all the wonderful traditions that my children and I enjoyed.  Of course, Santa Claus and Christmas, Easter and the Easter Bunny, as well as birthdays came to mind; all good memories.  Then I thought of the thrill my children experienced when they lost their baby teeth.  That made me a little sad because unlike Christmas and Easter, I felt I dropped the ball when it came to the Tooth Fairy.  How extremely important this tradition is to our children was illustrated to me when I accidentally woke my daughter while trying to retrieve a tooth from under her pillow. She looked at me and said, “Mamma, you are the Tooth Fairy?” The disappointment in her little eyes broke my heart! At that moment, I thought I have to find a way to fix this. 

Tah Dah! The idea of The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box Book and Treasure Chest was born. I never want another parent to feel the heartbreak of seeing their child disappointed like I did.  I want to make the Tooth Fairy experience consistently fun and exciting.  I want every child to enjoy the magic of believing in the Tooth Fairy, and I know other parents want that also.  The answer came to me, ‘Get the tooth out from under the pillow and provide easy access and more control to the parent.’  That’s when I thought of the Tooth Fairy Treasure chest.  The child could put their tooth in the treasure chest and place it in an obvious place where the parents could easily find it. 

The question was how to explain this new tradition to the children.  That inspired the idea for the story book, which explains why The Tooth Fairy Treasure Chest Box helps the Tooth Fairy find their tooth and leave the treasure they are anticipating.  Problems solved!  Now, this new family tradition solves all the problems relating to losing teeth in a fun and exciting way.