Getting off to a good start! We are now building the kickstarter page, we have added some really cool headers with art. I’m feeling pretty confident that this campaign will be fun for those that become a kickstarter backer, they will feel special in joining us. We have incorporated the first one hundred books will be numbered, the first twenty five books signed by me, the author; and to the biggest pledgers, I will be writing a special regards to a child of your choice, in the back of the book. This is a token of my gratitude for the help we get. I hope that every backer truly understands that they are a part of my success and that I couldn’t accomplish the packaging…

12 Nov: Rising above my Fears

I met again with my team this last Wednesday and it started off on a slow start, like really slow. We met up at around 11am and things didn’t come to light till around 5pm that evening. It was discouraging and borderline awkward, with a five hour dead end of getting no where. I had my mind figured out the direction I wanted to go on the commercial. I heard about a book trailer from one of my clients. She said it was a new hip thing that I should go check out, so I did. It was a lot similar to a movie trailer and their actually pretty cool. So this seemed to be the direction for me. I took a few days planning…



This week I brought the book and treasure box along with me to work. I’m a hairstylist at a local salon in my small home town. I had an epiphany one morning to study the interactions of kids after being read the story. I knew how well it worked in my home, but to begin to see the response of children, that weren’t my own, spiked an interest in me. It has been amazing, I have to say. One little girl said to me, “Can I take this home with me?”