Getting off to a good start! We are now building the kickstarter page, we have added some really cool headers with art. I’m feeling pretty confident that this campaign will be fun for those that become a kickstarter backer, they will feel special in joining us. We have incorporated the first one hundred books will be numbered, the first twenty five books signed by me, the author; and to the biggest pledgers, I will be writing a special regards to a child of your choice, in the back of the book. This is a token of my gratitude for the help we get. I hope that every backer truly understands that they are a part of my success and that I couldn’t accomplish the packaging on the book/toy without you!  

I’ve been practicing my lines and trying not to close my eyes as much and not tilt my head back to the left as I talk to retrieve information, as this is what the crew tells me that I need to work on. I have, on the other hand, accomplished to make the words my own and allow them to flow out of me in a creative way. Also, I was able to share my idea last night to a friend of mine, and he had chills as I was wrapping it up. I just hope I can relay this message on camera, in the same way as I did to him. This is what people believe, the heart of my soul, in this book and tradition. I have a strong mother’s desire to push through the heart of guilt and make a change in this. I don’t want any other parent to feel guilt or shame as I did. I couldn’t bare to see this happen to another child in this world, or parents who are trying their best to aid their kids faith of believing in the Tooth Fairy. I will definitely keep this burning desire in my heart to make this work, not only for our children, but also for us parents, as well. Come jump aboard with me and let’s see how many other families we can help get this tradition tucked away in the right way, leaving guilty parents behind!  

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