So we completed the commercial! I have to say this was the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever completed. I had to take a whole minute outside and take some deep breaths and say a little prayer for a blanket of peace. I’m sure the Red Bull didn’t help any with my nerves. In fact I was shaking, laugh out loud! So no Red Bull before a nerve racking event. In this photo the lights haven’t been set up around me but once they were my heart started pounding. I was like really? So, I focused in on the fact that this is a chance for me to truly get my idea on film and really show my personality to you guys. My heart really wants you to see that just like in my family, you too will enjoy this new tradition. I’m excited to say that this is the last thing we had to complete till we are ready to launch. Once the film is edited and put together we are ready to share this wonderful life changing fun event. This has truly changed my life and I know it will you too! This is a new beginning for the Tooth Fairy. She really hasn’t been that popular because of the downfall of the tradition but now that I have fixed this dying fairytale, she now can be revived. I know she will become as popular as the rest of our magical friends. I’m happy to take on this responsibility, I feel in my heart a magical beginning has arrived for the Tooth Fairy. I’m so happy to be a part of it! Let’s hope I fill the shoes of this amazing new journey and one day change the Tooth Fairy into a fun new Disney Princess!