The content is complete! I can’t believe we are days away from pulling the trigger on this campaign. I have to redo this pic above because we want this to be perfect for you guys so you can really see how awesome this book really looks. Then we move onto the video the last this to tackle before hitting the launch button. We really want you to feel loved and appreciated, all I can really offer is my time. I am going to number the first 100 books and sign the first 25 books to show my appreciation, and one of our pledge levels that we came up with. We will have “me” the Author come to your place of business or classroom with twenty five books and do a story time and book signing within a 300 mile radius. I’m in the Dallas metroplex area so anyone in the northern Texas area should meet those requirements. I’m super excited to get out there and share with the little ones this magical tradition.  I enjoy the little ones! I’m sure they will be asking lots of  questions I’m sure. I want to be sure to cover these questions in a fun and exciting way. I really enjoy the innocence of children and can’t wait to see their faces light up with belief in the Tooth Fairy. My heart wants to bring more of this magical fun into your home. I hope that you will benefit from this as much as I have. This new journey as been so sorrel to me. Yesterday sitting in front of a big screen computer I couldn’t believe that this could one day be my life. I’ m glad I didn’t give up or put off this idea. This has blessed so many people the more and more I get share this brilliant idea with you. It puts a smile on my face and a realization that this is bigger then just me. I love that there’s always a bigger picture then just us in our little bubbles we call life. I am happy to be apart of this new tradition and even tho it didn’t work out for me with my kiddos most of the time. I’m happy to bring a solution to you and your family. One day soon I hope to hear from parents and kids alike about how this tradition changed the fun of the Tooth Fairy in a positive way. I think I might cry when I start to hear the different stories of how things when down with the new Tooth Fairy Treasure Chest. All the questions they have I’m going to try my hardest to answer to the best of my ability. In the new books to come!!