Now that the campaign is in full swing you’d think I could take a breather and rest a minute. Total opposite from what I thought to be an accomplishment finished, when actually it’s just began. Now that there obviously isn’t enough traffic coming through the Kickstarter campaign. The push of a life time begins. I never knew the drive you have to have within yourself to get where it is your wanting to be! I have pushed myself hard this last year and a half to finish this book and make it a reality. Now the learning curve is to get it out there and make it salable to the public. Also, to find that connection with the right person at the right time that believes in your passion, your product, and will bring you in to their circle. Creating an idea isn’t all it takes, pursuing your passion must follow. I was on linkedin an online app that allows you to connect with other euntrnapeuniers and authors alike. I was searching children’s author and came across a few. One lady I asked if she could give me any advice on exposure that my campaign might fail if I don’t get some extra traffic. She said she had two failed book campaigns but, she did know of a lady that had a successful ones and is on to her next one. She connected us and she responded. She said that one of the best ways to have a successful campaign is to reach out to local media. That this was a free publicity that we have available in ever local area. So the hunt was on. I first emailed every local news channel to see if they would like to do a report on my story, or bring me on the news. I also contacted the Chamber of Commerce to see what local adds they had available and if we could do a formal invite to my campaign through eblast. They were to expensive so no go on that one. Then I contacted L3 a local business that has over 3000 employees that I could get on their discount page or guest posts. I was able to do that, all I had to do was register my business and they placed it on their discount page! That seemed to work out pretty good. I then contacted the Herald Banner and asked them if they would be interested in writing an article on me. They said yes!! So excited I hope they follow through and help get some traffic coming into my project. The last thing I’ve done is gone out of foot to local dentist offices and asked to display the book inside the lobby. Two have said yes and I’m going to check on the others tomorrow. This is just beginning of the many things I’ve started to do trying to get the word out. I have a felling this is just the very start of a long journey ahead! I’m coming up with more ideas everyday, let’s hope one of these ideas lands a spot for me in the social media! 

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