TOOTH ​FAIRY TREASURE BOX – A New Family 👪 Tradition

Jordan loosing her first tooth

I have started a new family tradition, in hopes of changing the history of the way the tooth fairy is done. My dream is to involve every parent to grasp my idea, and of course, build the hype for my book “The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box.” 

Doesn’t this image remind you of such sweet innocence of childhood? The excitement of watching your child lose their first tooth. Some would say earth quenching, maybe even “I can’t deal with this, here you do it,” but to me, it was a great way to start a family tradition. As the years went by, it seemed to guilt me with sadness and regret, because things didn’t turn out the way I thought it should. Why did I fail as a mother, with these supposedly happy memories? This once fairy tale tradition ended up dwindling within my home and within my heart. I couldn’t keep the whimsical fun alive, and that stopped the Tooth Fairy from being the magical fun we all love to create for our children.

Tooth Fairy problems

Let me tell you a little bit about my self; I have three children that have all outgrown the Tooth Fairy stages. My oldest is 18, my middle son is 16, and my youngest is 13. I was meditating one day on the fact that there were many occasions to when I had forgotten the tooth or the tooth was lost, or most of all I forgot to replace the tooth with the money. Long story short, my children ended up not believing in the Tooth Fairy at the age of seven when they still wanted to believe and participate in this magical family tradition. Needless to say, kids stop losing teeth at the age of twelve so they could have had five more years of anticipation. Why did it end so quickly?

The birth of creativity

I thought to myself there has to be a way to fix this tragedy of motherhood, to revive this dying fairytale! The tooth needs to be taken out from under the pillow to where parents have more control of the tooth and the way it’s done. Somehow, I was going to fix the Tooth Fairy’s problems by bringing a more whimsical tradition to the family! I believe I have accomplished this in my book.

A new Family Tradition: The Tooth Fairy Book and Treasure Box Toy is a dream that is now a reality!