My Journey to becoming an Author!

The Start of a Whimsical Children's book Fairy Tail

So a lot of people ask me where did this idea begin? I have to say it was on a Sunday funday to be exact. My nephew had lost a tooth that day and I watched how my family dealt with such an event. They were coming up with all these hilarious answers to his questions and it made me think. Is this really an organized way to help our children believe in the fairytale of the Tooth Fairy? 

Jordan sad he Tooth Fairy didn’t come

This situation also caused me to reflect on the way I raised my kids with the Tooth Fairy tradition. I began to sink literally in my seat. There was an occasion when my daughter woke up while I was trying to replace the tooth with her money. She looked up at me and said mom are you the Tooth Fairy? I said no, I was only checking to see if she had came to visit you. All the while I was trying my hardest to hide the money I had in my hand so she didn’t see it. There was also another occasion when I forgot to replace the tooth for three days. My brother pretended to call the Tooth Fairy on the phone and ask her where she was? This is just the tip of the iceberg for my household. I can only image what all has happened to you guys out there in this world… ​

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