Leap of Faith

Since I’m starting a kickstarter campaign, the homework is in large amounts and high demand. I’ve been told in my latest team meeting to start working on my fan base to get people to start fallowing me before the kickstarter campaign. So, when doing a kickstarter campaign, you need a lot of backers to be placed on the front page. Also  target yourself in the same direction as other people that have the same interest. I also learned never to promote yourself in ads because those people aren’t really people. There paid by you just to get “likes”. In other words, there are 5 employees that create 200 user accounts in social media and go and like your posts. Not worth the money! I’m hoping to get some real genuine followers that support me and in return I can treat them for being loyal to this dream I’m trying to birth. I don’t have a dream to be huge, but to stay loyal to the state of Texas! This is where I’m from, born and raised. I love Texas and hope to do a Tooth Fairy Land here in Fate, Tx. A place where children can come and experience a magical land of unicorns, fairies, and the Tooth Fairy herself, and much much more. Maybe horseback riding and games for fun too! This is some of my stretch goals I would love to incorporate into the campaign. So far, I have stickers, ebook coloring books, pens, 11×17 posters, t-shirts, hoodies, children’s book with signature treasure boxes, and even a boy version of the book, and a hidden surprise for the “big backers”; along with a box full of goodies. Let’s hope this launch goes well, so our kids, and even our grandkids, can enjoy this new family tradition incorporated with an in store experience.

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