Putting in the Work

We were able to complete the final modifications of the box and place an order. We also found a potential printing company that can actually print without charging an arm and a leg. Kudos to that! Starting the campaign can be challenging getting everything together, but I’m ready for it. I think it’s going to be wonderful to have stickers, t-shirts, and coloring books to give away for incentives on bigger pre-orders donations. We haven’t discussed the direction of the commercial yet, but having the kids read the book and hearing their responses is a great idea. I love to watch them as they begin to show interest to the directions in the story, given by the Tooth Fairy. This is such an exciting time for me seeing everything come together. It’s like climbing to the top of a mountain about to see the sun rise. I can’t wait to sit down and soak it all in for a little while. It takes a lot to reinvent yourself as an Author. Getting yourself out there can be a challenge and definitely requires patience. I have to encourage anyone and everyone to keep on going and to never give up. It takes a lot of let downs to finally get to where your suppose to be in this world. It seems to me that the fall backs, all the no’s in your face, and the endurance through the pain of getting back up and trying again, really builds your character. In a sense I’m happy that becoming successful is a slow process so you can truly understand yourself in and of this world. I’m still in this very same process and I’m enjoying it. When this book becomes successful I will have the character to stand in the gap for many people and show them a different way to endure and think. I have grown so much, and my change in this world will be to help people become mentally healthy without a dime in return and show that a good positive attitude can get you there. It’s a choice and an option we have to make in order to succeed!

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