18 Oct: Putting in the Work

We were able to complete the final modifications of the box and place an order. We also found a potential printing company that can actually print without charging an arm and a leg. Kudos to that! Starting the campaign can be challenging getting everything together, but I’m ready for it. I think it’s going to be wonderful to have stickers, t-shirts, and coloring books to give away for incentives on bigger pre-orders donations. We haven’t discussed the direction of the commercial yet, but having the kids read the book and hearing their responses is a great idea. I love to watch them as they begin to show interest to the directions in the story, given by the Tooth Fairy. This is such an exciting time…

Well today was an excited day, I met with a team of lovely people that truly believe in my dream. We discussed the making of the book/box and it's final touches, and most of all we talked about the kickstarter campaign. We bounced off ideas on how to bring this amazing idea to life through commercial. I'm a little scared to share my idea but, I'm getting better at it everyday. Especially when people believe in you and say "you sold me" I fell confident that this story will truly touch the hearts of every mother or father that wants to win at being a great parent. I understand now why people say you need a team to back you. You can't do it alone, nor should you have to. This team of people today sparked a fire in me and made me feel I could conquer the world. I made me think about the book I wrote, which in fact, helps children believe. We too need to believe not only in ourselves but in others. Where there is two or more you can do it! Isn't this why we love to see our kids believe in miracles? I think building a good family unit and a good team is crucial to our success no matter what we face. The sky is the limit for a team or family that dreams big and believes in miracles. 

Awesome Author


This week I brought the book and treasure box along with me to work. I’m a hairstylist at a local salon in my small home town. I had an epiphany one morning to study the interactions of kids after being read the story. I knew how well it worked in my home, but to begin to see the response of children, that weren’t my own, spiked an interest in me. It has been amazing, I have to say. One little girl said to me, “Can I take this home with me?”