Well, we have one day left to go! The Kickstarter Campaign is officially a success we have raised over 3400 dollars. Thanks to my crew: Israel, Mary, and Claire for all the support in backing this project; for I would not of made it without you. Much props! I’ve learned a lot on the ins and outs on preparing for such a project, as this. Thanks to See The Good, they were very helpful in allowing me to do a guest post on the front of their business page. This is a wonderful way to get some traffic into a Champaign. We also landed the Herald Banner to write an article, which also brings in a lot of traffic. One thing I didn’t do, that I wish I would have done, is a landing page. This allows potential customers to sign up to your mailing list. Which then can also help keep customers informed on the upcoming events and build the hype of your launching date. Getting people involved in your event can raise a huge amount of money by eblasting out to your valued customers. Another great tip is to work on free social media, trying to get on your local news channel; which I’ve seen help substantially. I ‘m happy to say that this journey has taught me a lot on how to connect with other people and truly engage in the social world. It truly has been a blessing and I have connected with a lot of wonderful people. Now the journey begins to find my ground in this internet social media world. Networking begins!